Move your startup to Morocco!

Move your startup to Morocco!




Maptia is a new startup founded by three Brits, based out in Morocco. They began initially in the states, but when their visas ran out they had the option of either returning back to London to continue business, or setting up camp somewhere more inspiring… They chose to wake up to a idyllic sea view every morning. Read the full post by co-founder Jonny Miller in ‘A truly inspirational startup’ where he speaks of how they’ve developed a cool culture at Maptia by:

  • Blending Maptia’s startup culture with their daily lives (they all live and work together!)
  • Sharing highs and lows from the week
  • Adopting fun routines to refresh energy levels
  • Making work environment feel zen
  • Getting the whole team responsible for chores (and living on $10 a week for food costs)
  • Removing necessary distractions to focus on the product
  • Ensuring the whole team is passionate about the purpose (and fostering that)

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