Come dine with me at Spook Towers

No, sadly that wasn’t an invitation. But we do have an “open door” policy to anyone that wants to bring cake :)

We had a brainwave recently. We’re so lucky to have a lovely, fully stocked kitchen and big, team-size table in our offices, but all we seem to eat everyday is microwaved soup, curry, and leftovers from last nights chinese for our lunches.

Well, in a bid to kickstart some healthy eating we thought we’d dust off the cob webs around the hob and do our very own Spook come dine with me.

We realise this could be a big mistake. One person serving up pink chicken, and our whole office is out of work for a day. Not to mention the fact that we only have one toilet. 

Sous-chef Carlos was up first, and with his Italian roots we had high expectations for his pasta dish :)

He cooked up a Pancetta, Chilli & Tomato penne dish with some garlic bread on the side.

Pretty skilled on presentation eh?

Carlos ended up with an overall score of 6.35 for presentation, difficulty, taste and satisfaction. Here are some pics for you to salivate over.






Yum. Dave the rave is up next, 6.35 to beat…


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