Spook Olympics Event 2: Table Tennis!


Round 2 of Spook Olympics came upon us last Friday folks! Another event smashed. This time we competed against each other to be crowned champion of Table Tennis. Absolutely none of us had played table tennis before. Well, not serious table tennis. Some of us had a bash at it years ago, but not on a competitive scale like this! With the weather on our side (bar the odd gust of wind that sent the ping pong ball flying) we raced to the beach, shortly after searching ‘olympic table tennis’ on youtube for some sly tips. The professionals made it look easy, so we started off pretty cocky and it all went downhill from there…








We each broke off into leagues, A,B and C and played against each other, first to 21. The 2 winners from the groups stayed on for semi-finals as did the 2 losers with the best points, and the winners from those two matches stayed on for finals. Phew! I’m not sure it made sense to us never mind anyone reading.

Last week’s champion Dave ended up bottom of the league, what a shocker. We had such high hopes, clearly the wind threw him off course a bit ;)

It ended up Spook founders Laurence and Carlos up against each other in the finals, and it was such a close game! Check out the level of concentration below… brilliant.


Big congrats to Laurence for winning the event. Yay! And commiseration’s to Carlos coming second with only a few point between them. He shed a few tears but soon calmed down after a beer ;)

Table Tennis Results:

Gold – Laurence

Silver – Carlos

Bronze – Waikit

(followed by Tiago, Me (fiona) and Dave. High five guys, we’re all winners really)

Next week Crazy Golf! (Weather permitting!)



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