Spook Olympics Event 1: Remote control car time trials


Secret’s out everyone, the team behind the Happy Startup School, Spook Studio, are doing their very own Olympics… a series of epicly fun events crowning one lucky spookster Gold champion!

Last week we had our opening ceremony – Remote control car time trials (on a very hot, sunny seafront!)

Carlos drew up a course to drive, we assembled the cones,  dressed up the little toy car in her finest clothes and even had a few spectators along the way.


In true remote control car fashion, the aim of the game was to weave in and out of all the orange cones, reverse drop all the bottles, parallel park in a box and zoom ahead to the finishing line in the fastest time you can. Best of three.

And results were as follows, congrats to Mr.T in first place!

Gold – Dave  (0:35 seconds)

Silver – Tiago (0:41 seconds)

Bronze – Waikit (0:45 seconds)

and runners up were Carlos completing the course in exactly 1 minute, Laurence in 1:32 and last came me in 2 minutes 38. (It was a lot harder than it looked okay)

Women drivers eh?

Next week: Table tennis!



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