How to get 90% of your employees to say they LOVE their jobs

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We came across a brilliant case study over at Positive Sharing, written by Chief Happiness officer, Alexander Kjerulf. He visited a company called Next Jump (a company that believes corporations can change the world!) and was blown away by their positive culture.

As Alex writes, there are many things the company does right when it comes down to the happiness of their employees:

  • There’s an onsite gym where team work is encouraged – to get people to work out more, they’re split into teams earning points for every workout they do.
  • Free food to ensure all employees live a healthy, balanced life.
  • Personal & professional mentorship and coaching is offered for employees to grow & develop in the company.
  • Lending their people’s skills in engineering to help charities
  • The No Fire policy – once Next Jump hire you, they won’t fire you (insane! but great for building trust in the company)

Read the whole article here > Happiness at work at Next Jump and check out this round up of the team’s social events for more about their culture.


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