“We have the tools to organise for positive change” Seth Godin

“We have the tools to organise for positive change” Seth Godin

Love these Graphic recordings we came across from the Work Revolution Summit. We had similar live drawings produced at our summercamp by the talented Claire Holgate ››Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 16.57.40

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 16.59.31

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 17.02.58

Pinched from kingmanink.com


Move your startup to Morocco!

Move your startup to Morocco!




Maptia is a new startup founded by three Brits, based out in Morocco. They began initially in the states, but when their visas ran out they had the option of either returning back to London to continue business, or setting up camp somewhere more inspiring… They chose to wake up to a idyllic sea view every morning. Read the full post by co-founder Jonny Miller in ‘A truly inspirational startup’ where he speaks of how they’ve developed a cool culture at Maptia by:

  • Blending Maptia’s startup culture with their daily lives (they all live and work together!)
  • Sharing highs and lows from the week
  • Adopting fun routines to refresh energy levels
  • Making work environment feel zen
  • Getting the whole team responsible for chores (and living on $10 a week for food costs)
  • Removing necessary distractions to focus on the product
  • Ensuring the whole team is passionate about the purpose (and fostering that)

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Come dine with me at Spook Towers

No, sadly that wasn’t an invitation. But we do have an “open door” policy to anyone that wants to bring cake :)

We had a brainwave recently. We’re so lucky to have a lovely, fully stocked kitchen and big, team-size table in our offices, but all we seem to eat everyday is microwaved soup, curry, and leftovers from last nights chinese for our lunches.

Well, in a bid to kickstart some healthy eating we thought we’d dust off the cob webs around the hob and do our very own Spook come dine with me.

We realise this could be a big mistake. One person serving up pink chicken, and our whole office is out of work for a day. Not to mention the fact that we only have one toilet. 

Sous-chef Carlos was up first, and with his Italian roots we had high expectations for his pasta dish :)

He cooked up a Pancetta, Chilli & Tomato penne dish with some garlic bread on the side.

Pretty skilled on presentation eh?

Carlos ended up with an overall score of 6.35 for presentation, difficulty, taste and satisfaction. Here are some pics for you to salivate over.






Yum. Dave the rave is up next, 6.35 to beat…

Hug day, coming to an office near you.

Yep. You’ve heard it here. Happy Startups have driven global inspiration !

Turkish company, Eşya Kütüphanesi (don’t ask me to pronounce that) tweeted us last week to share their awesome culture inspired by us happy folks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 15.54.24







It’s lovely to see some happy faces in offices for a change. Vive le happy startup revolution! If you’d like to be involved with making businesses a happier place, go take the happy startup pledge to see happier faces like this in your workplace :)

images stolen from Eşya Kütüphanesi’s facebook page

Ever tried having a Nerf battle in your office?

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10.04.19

We came across TerraCycle as we were writing our e-book ‘4 steps to a happy startup: The path from passion to profits’ (Free to download for this week only by the way, and it comes with an essential startup toolkit….Go go go!)

TerraCycle are another company with a strong purpose at their core. We love what they have to say about their company culture:

“On any given Friday afternoon, when brains are fried and the first few hours of the weekend are so close you can smell them, all TerraCycle employees and interns could find themselves in the middle of an all-out Nerf war (those who cannot or choose not to participate are politely left alone, save for the occasional errant dart!).”